Thank you so much for considering a future with us. Position roles and responsibilities are outlined below as well as applications. We may request to see your resume prior to a formal interview, but it is not required to apply. 

Sales Associate (Part-Time):

  • Greet and assist shoppers throughout the boutique.
  • Perform opening or closing duties.
  • Maintain a clean and organized environment.
    • Clearing out fitting rooms and returning inventory to racks
    • Cleaning mirrors, floors, shelving, etc.
    • Keeping the checkout area stocked and orderly
  • Check out shoppers at the register
  • Unbox and steam incoming inventory.
  • Post daily 'stories' to facebook or instagram through the boutiques social media pages.
  • Model for website product images when needed.
  • Pack and ship online orders when needed. 


Model (Part-Time):

  • Attend & participate in monthly photoshoots.
  • Share and promote boutique products and special sales.
  • Maintain a positive and respectable social media presence.
  • Bring a cheerful and confident personality to the social media page.
  • Openness and neutrality to new styles and trends.
  • Flexibility to work solo photoshoots as well as group shoots. 
  • Ages 16+ welcome!


* Photos may be used for social media advertising as well as website product images. 

Why local matters.

Shopping small businesses creates community, relationships, and trust. Friendly faces who know what you want and need. Wear what makes you feel good.

Our boutique started out as a small clothing rack at the back of a salon! Thanks to all of the local love and passion that was put into this project, we are now shipping all over the United States. More styles, loyal brands, and still determined to stay budget friendly for our fashionistas.

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